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The best in Sactown!

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The best Sacramento Businesses

Sacramento has a lot of different small businesses that are out there. There are some that we recommend for small odd jobs that one may need.
1. Kingdom Heating & Air, Inc. This is a heating and air conditioning Sacramento company. They specialize in heating repairs and replacements, air conditioning repairs and replacements, gutter cleaning, sheet metal work, custom designs, maintenance packages and more!
2. CalFit- This is a great gym. They are very clean and very big. I really like how big they are because it give everyone a good amount of space to work out comfortably. They have a sauna. Not all the gyms have saunas. They have a child center where you can leave your child and you can go work out.
3. Playmakers Elite Fitness- If you want a more personalized feel rather than the gym then this is the place to go. If you are looking for the best personal trainer in Sacramento this is the place to go. Mike is the trainer that has trained hundreds of collegiate and professional athletes. He also trains beginners and kids too. He is a great personal trainer because he pushes you to the max.
4. Queen of King SEO- If you are looking for the best SEO services in Sacramento and the world then look no more. Search Engine Optimization is new strategies that target goggles organic local listings to generate local leads for small businesses in a specific local population. Search Engine Optimizaton in Sacramento is best to go with Queen of King SEO. They will also make your website! If you already have a website they will optimize the website!
5. Bacon and Butter- I would say this is the best breakfast spot in Sacramento. It is definitely the most unique breakfast spot. It is literally always busy and has a waiting list of up to 2 hours at times. It gets so packed. Sometimes it get so busy that it is no longer worth the wait. But when you go when there is no wait then when you finally eat the food you will understand all the fuss.
6. Scarlott Salon in Elk Grove.- Here I go to my hair lady Marissa. She is a great hair lady. She is very professional and just like me or you she is a real person with feelings. It is funny that I tell Marissa a lot of things and she tells me a lot of things, but we never really hang out. I wish we could hang out, but you end up wondering if you are relly friends or she is just being nice because she does my hair. Man, I have no idea.


These are my go to places whenever I visit Sacramento. You should visit these places too!

Medical Facts

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Business people-showing teamwork

Medical marijuana, commonly known as weed, is the use of marijuana as a physician prescribed therapy to reduce pain or discomfort associated to some medical conditions.

Medical marijuana is used for a variety of things including: nausea, vomiting , Stimulating appetite, chemotherapy, reducing I pressure England coma, chronic pain, treating other illnesses. Much research has suggested that marijuana has a lot of beneficial qualities suffering from a variety of other conditions. Marijuana contains almost 500 compounds which is used for medicine and science.

Five compounds that are commonly used form medicine is THC, CBD, CBN, and two other things I cannot pronounce. Currently there are 18 states that have illegally legalized marijuana.

They include the following : Alaska, Arizona , California, Colorado, Connecticut, District of Columbia, Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington. The laws in each state very from state to state. For example the amount of marijuana person is allowed to buy ranges from 1 ounce 24 ounces. Some states you have to have a legal mayor want to ID card which also ranges in price from state to state. Other states also except ID cards issued in another state.

Despite the laws of legal marijuana some dispensaries have still been rated by the government. There’s a discrepancy between state and federal laws that will probably be played out in court soon in the coming years. In the current pool 85% of Americans are in favor of prescribing legal marijuana for patients suffering from serious illnesses. The opposition still also remain strong however.

One of the biggest criticisms is that the drug is administered by smoking. Some people think that smoking pot is taboo but they do understand the benefit that it has on those with serious illnesses. Medical marijuana has been proven to be healthier and more effective then some prescribed pills. No one has died from marijuana use. In fact some of the things that marijuana does to the body is:  sleepiness, gain in appetite, laughing, your mind goes wild, your body feels good.

Business people-showing teamwork

Business people-showing teamwork

Who’s your audience?

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Who is your business target audience?

My business target audience is professional business owners. Businesses who are ready established but are looking for more profitable leads. The way I can get them more profitable leads is by ranking their website on Google.


1. First, I either create their website I’ll buy scratch or I update their original version. Or I  update their website and add a generic phone number and a contact form that will be linked to every page of the website so that their company will be easy to contact.

2. Then I will make sure that company has sufficient citations. Citations our address phone number and company of the name and location. Citations are used because there’s more than one search engine and it allows people to search in different locations for the same company.

3. After citations comes reviews, I will make sure that the company’s website has sufficient reviews Facebook likes and media likes throughout the Internet. Following that I will use a client secret getting method by combining Google ad words with fivers hundred dollar on ad words coupons on allowing me to get free customers for about a week or so. This allows the business to get customers while the site is ranking.

4. After everything is in place: the website has the content, the citations are in place, the reviews are made, the Facebook likes  are liked, and add word coupons is in place the last step is the PBN links. Pbn and links take a while to accumulate because the website is a popularity contest. In order to speed up this process I create my own blogs with links linking to him the business website allowing the website you rank faster and rank high quality on Google page 1.

5.I have happy customers happy clients and businesses are thriving. My audience is small business owners who are not knowledgeable about online marketing or do not have time for all my marketing and are seeking a third-party professional.

The audience that I’m searching for our money hungry businesses. They fear working with non-quality third-party professionals.

I am here to help because quality is the name of my game.

Who is your target audience today?

My target audience today are limo companies. High quality limo companies that treat there customers well so that the customers refer them to other potential clients and it is a on going cycle of love.

My favorite Limo company by far are: Go to the limo company by clicking HERE.

Now go out there and find out who your audience is.


The movie, “Kids.”

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The movie Kids is a film that features a day in the life of a group of young, adolescent male and female teenagers in graphic detail. To begin the film, a young teen boy, named Telly, and a young female are seen passionately kissing. With smooth words he assures her that everything will be all right if they have sex.She is scared of having a baby and fears that it will hurt, but falls for the soothing words she so desperately wants to hear. Despite his promises, he steals her virginity with his brutal thrusts and leaves faster than a cheetah when he is finished. He meets up with his friend, Casper, and explains what had happened in graphic detail and how much he loves virgins because they are tight and clean. According to author David Walsh in the book, Why Do They Act That Way, he describes that a sex drive is part of the romantic awakening for every teen, but males and females may experience sex and love differently. According to Kim Gale Dolgin in the textbook, The Adolescent, he describes how the onset of puberty is accompanied by an increasing interest in sex, but with sex consequences can also arise.

Sex is a natural part of life, which actually begins before puberty, as our brains begin to change. As Telly and Casper talk about sex, Telly explains that sex is about all he thinks about, especially having sex with as many virgins as possible. “For boys the rapid development of the hypothalamus’s INAH-3 prompts sexual thoughts to begin crowding out thoughts of studies, chores, and many other things in a boy’s brain,” (Walsh, 2006, pg. 118). While Telly and Casper hang out with a group of kids, some younger, they sit in a blaze of smoke while watching skating videos and talk about sex. They talk about how sex is the best thing ever and how they have never met or heard of anyone with diseases so the chances of that happening to them are unlikely. At the same time across town, a group of girls are talking about the same thing except that they know guys smooth talk their way into sex through personal experiences and that they do not enjoy oral sex. “The hypothalamus also drives changes in hormone levels that are responsible for the sexual awakening in adolescent girls… of course girls have erotic fantasies, but they don’t seem to be as all-consuming as boys,’” (Walsh, 2006, pg. 119). The girls talk about how they enjoy sex just like the boys, but the difference is that the girls seemed to be more worried about disease then the boys. Ruby and Jennie have decided to get tested and the shock was that Jennie tested positive when she has only slept with one boy, Telly, while Ruby is clean when she has slept with my more.

Sex is amazing when done safely. Unfortunately, many adolescents believe that nothing bad will happen to them if they have unprotected sex. “In 1988, the National Survey of Family Growth revealed that only 35 percent of 15-19 year old females or their partners used any method of contraception (including withdrawal) at first intercourse,” (Dolgin, 2011, pg.286). With the revelation that Jennie has acquired HIV from Telly from the one time they had sex, Jennie goes on a mission to find Telly and stop him from infecting any other innocent girls. Telly on the other hand, still unaware that he has HIV, announces that he has a goal to have sex with a thirteen year old girl, Darcy, who he has had his eye on. With the same soothing words as the first girl he had sex with in the film, he is able to convince Darcy to have sex with him, unfortunately, before Jennie could intercept. “A full 50 percent of new cases of STDs contracted by persons in this country each year are contracted by individuals 15 to 24 years of age,” (Dolgin, 2011, pg. 286).

The film ends with Jennie getting raped by Casper as she is blacked out on drugs. It was hard to depict the reality from fiction in this film which really makes the audience wonder if this is in fact what some teenagers go through throughout their daily lives. It made me reevaluate how I want to be in a parent in the future as I do not want my kids doing those kinds of things at such an early age.

Think Growth

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Regardless whatever state you are in your life you should always be wanting to grow.

You should always want to better yourself and make yourself the best person that you can possibly be ever. You should want to be better than yesterday.

To reach your goals and aspirations you have to do little by little to get to your big goal. You have to learn small steps and small directions to get to the finale.

The thing that keeps me going is that I think of two words, think growth. These two words symbolize actions. Most people do their actions by the feeling that they  are Experiencing.

If it’s 759 and you have work at 8 o’clock but you are too tired to get up so you call in sick is the action of being lazy to go to work because you are tired which is the feeling.

When I Think growth even if I am tired I will wake my butt up and go to work because I know by going to work I will grow into a better person than I was yesterday rather than being in my bed all day.

Reminding myself think growth It allows me to remember my overall goal and to strive to do as little as possible or as much as I can but something so I can reach that goal.

My goal right now is to be a millionaire before I am 30 and every day little by little I take actions towards that goal. I have The patients to remind myself that this will take some time but it is possible.

Get to where I need to be by thinking  growth.


Think growth


Extraordinary Things.

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The world is filled with extraordinary things.

People fear what they do not know.

I want those extraordinary things, but I feel trapped in a life where it is just at my reach, but I cannot seem to get to it.

I do now know what is stopping me.

I am doing everything I can to get to those extraordinary things, but I do not know if its fear that is stopping me or if it is me just being impatient.

I’ve always liked things right away so that makes a little sense.

I like rollercoaster’s and I have gone sky diving before, so is it fear?

I have been backstabbed before by someone that I have trusted. And sometimes my parents make me feel bad for not doing as they say. More, they make me feel horrible.

So what is it?

What is holding me back from making thousands of dollars per month?

Is it my job that I hate?

Is it that I am a slow learner and I just need to be more patient?

Or is it that I am in a constant state of frustration because I am a people pleaser and I am not pleasing my parents, whom I love dearly?

I don’t know. And it is slowly killing me.

I have a thousand dollar idea in my grasp that I have been working on for 8 months, but I haven’t made a sale yet. I’ve been learning the system and paying my own money to try and produce thousands, but still nothing.

Maybe I am still doing ok? Again, I do not know.

I am doing this all alone with just a facebook group for support and yet then there is a lack of help.

I will not quit because I have already put so much effort into this, that quitting would make me feel worthless.

I was born to be an entrepreneur!

I want to have control of my life, my money, my business. I want to have control.

I want to wake up whenever I damn well please. ( Of course since I will be my own boss I will also have my own schedule or will have to wake up early on occasion.)

I want to be my own boss.

I want to love what I am doing.

I put 8 months into this! I will continue learning each day, little by little.

I will mess up probably a million more times.

I will have to go to an 8-5 job until I succeed in my online business ( so I better pick up the pace)


If you are curious as to what I am writing about. Go to

That is the first site that I have worked on and completed. Let me know what you think.

Millionaire before 30 here I come.

Traffic Lights

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Traffic lights are a pain in the butt. They take up at least 10 extra minutes from point a to point B +20. It takes me about 30 minutes to get to work when fact it should be 15. Some traffic lights take Literally five minutes long. Yes, I agree that they are safe and they reduce accidents. But slow drivers also create accident. I me to be late to work.

It’s the best feeling in the world when you’re in the front Lane and you get a green. You get to go at your speed and not anybody else’s. Traffic lights just as I am? I like to drive fast. Because it gets me to my destination faster.

I live in a town called Elkgrove and it’s pretty much 20 minutes away from everything. 20 minutes away from downtown 20 minutes away from the mall. 20 minutes away from work. 20 minutes away from everything. And with traffic lights It adds on about 15 extra minutes. Do you know why Mercedes cars go naturally smoothly when you drive them? Because in Germany they are able to go on the freeway at 80 miles an hour I’m like where I live we have to drive 65 miles an hour.

I’ve gotten for speeding tickets in my youth I don’t plan to get anymore. Frustrating because the police officer could beginning you know the people that are really breaking the law. Quite fast is the way to control though world and control people so they don’t go crazy. Smart.


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I’m going to be a millionaire by the time I’m 30 years old.

My goal is not the money though. My overall goal in life is to have control over my time. Time is the most important asset that we have because we can never get it back. Right now I’m spending my time working 40 hours a week.40 hours a week at a job that I do not like, I can tolerate it, but it’s something that I don’t wish to pursue as my career. I’m a firm believer in doing what you love in order to love what you’re doing. It’s been very tough for me to think about the things that I want to do in my life as career choices as  I get older. But isn’t for everybody just As tough?

Nobody wants to work 40 hours a week at Taco Bell, or cleaning out bathrooms, or in the field in the hot sun picking strawberries at two cents each. But they don’t have the guts to leave either.

You have to be a risk taker you have to believe in yourself. I know a lot of people say it will someone’s got to do it. But if you believe that that’s not you then why are you doing

If you have a different mind and everybody else follow your gut. Take risks. Fall over and over again until you can’t fall no more. That’s how successful I want to be but I want to be successful so that I have control over my time. I want to Have time with my family my church future children my husband my animals. I want to spend time traveling the world and going through different experiences, but not alone. I want to do all these things with my family. If all it takes is knowledge and anybody is capable of knowledge then why wouldn’t you?

If I had to do is read a book either go take some classes or teach your self why not? And are you Man with the fact that you know what love is. Love is very difficult to understand  But everyone feels it. Love you inevitable. Love is when you want to hang out with somebody at all hours of the day and never get tired of them.

Love is getting annoyed but you don’t care because you love them and you will forgive them.

Love is working hard for your family so they have something to eat every day.Love is working hard before you started family so that when you do decide to have my family they will be in a good position to succeed and be the best selves.  I’m going to be a millionaire before 130 so that I can do all these things and provide for my family and so that my family can be proud of me.

And so that I can be proud of myself for accomplishing something many don’t believe it’s possible. I will succeed. I will become a millionaire before I am 30 years old.  I will help others succeed as well.


It’s 5:37 PM on Wednesday afternoon March18 2015. I am confirming this day that I will be a millionaire by the age of 26. Which is before 30.